The Crete Youth Cabin

The Crete Youth Cabin rests on a tract of land that takes up about 40 acres.  The land--leased in perpetuity to the Crete Youth Cabin Association, Inc. (successor organization to the Civic Youth Association of Crete)--was a gift to the young people of Crete and its surrounding area by Benjamin and Florence Miller, in 1956.  A marker commemorating their generosity sits just behind the flag pole at the cabin.

The cabin property has plenty of space for exploring the "wilderness."  Resting on the banks of the Big Blue River, and consisting of a considerable wooded space, the sight gives kids and adults, alike, a sense of "roughing it."  Hiking through the woods--ticks, poison ivy, and all--makes for an adventure seldom experienced by young folks today.

Two meadow areas provide places for easy "tent camping" for those who are so inclined.  One large fire pit (reconstructed in the summer of 2011, and now including some permanent seating) and 3 smaller fire rings offer ample opportunities for outdoor cooking.

The Cabin--Today and Beyond!

And of course, there's the cabin.  Rustic, yet a welcome respite from rain and cool winds--or from the blazing heat of the sun.  Generations of Crete natives have memories of time spent at the Crete Youth Cabin.

The cabin itself has started to show significant signs of aging. Beginning in the fall of 2016, with an expanded Board of Directors, renovations to the cabin were begun. A new roof was put on the cabin, walls that had started to separate were pulled back together. The fireplace--the centerpiece of the cabin--was restored thanks to the generosity of the Crete Rotary Club and a grant they received from Rotary International.

A new well was drilled, which will mean running water into the kitchen soon, and the remainder of the kitchen is receiving a major overhaul, with newer cabinets, counter tops, and newer appliances. 

New picnic tables, built by the local Rotary Club, replaced the disintegrating ones out front in the summer of 2015.

Tax Deductible Donations!

The Board has incorporated the Crete Youth Cabin Association as a 501c3 charitable organization, and can now take donations which are tax deductible. The goal, ultimately, is to do a major overhaul of the campsite, and a fundraising campaign is scheduled to begin in earnest in the fall of 2017.  We welcome online donations here, or contact us at for details about where checks can be mailed. 

Today, the cabin is used primarily by Scout groups, although is available for rental by other groups, when no youth groups have it reserved.  Planned improvements to the site in the next few years will make the cabin area accessible year around for generations to come!

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