Wish List

The Youth Cabin Board, with suggestions from those who have used the Cabin recently, maintains of "wish list" of items that could be used, and projects that could be done--both big and small.  Scout groups and others working on service projects--and service organizations and individuals looking for something to give to, should feel encouraged to to watch this list, and get in touch with us should you want to contribute in some way.  We try to keep this list up-to-date, but ask that you confirm that the project you might do, or the object you might contribute--hasn't been claimed already.

 Project/Skill/Material Needs:

Ongoing cabin repairs, in an attempt to keep the walls as closed as possible.

    • Drainage tubes need to be installed to carry water away from the building
    • “Leaf guard” type rain gutters are badly needed on the main cabin and the maintenance shed
  • Roofing
    • Roofing needs to be replaced on the shed and outhouse.  We have the material, just need the labor.
  • Side screening
    • The side shutters on the cabin have been repaired to open, close and latch properly.  The screens need to be replaced

 Ongoing outdoor repairs and upgrades.

  • Our old picnic tables were replaced thanks to the labor and donations by the Crete Rotary (and a matching grant by the District Rotary) in the Fall of 2015. Thanks Rotary!  They need to be re-oiled however!  Campsite tables need to be oiled and need some repair.
  • The old shower house in back of the cabin has been repaired and re-painted and re-purposed into a maintenance shed.  The old well pit needs to be filled in and some concrete to cap it is needed.  The shed has new 220v electrical service but needs to be re-wired for outlets and adequate lighting.  While repaired and re-painted, the shed is in poor condition and needs to be replaced.
  • Our big fire ring is in the process of being upgraded into something more permanent (hopefully completed by early summer).  It will have a concrete base at ground level, with a drain, and a ring built up made of rock.  We're hoping that some group (or an Eagle Scout) will take on the project of putting up some permanent seating/benches around perimeter. DONE!
  • Trails and wooded areas are in constant need of clearing.  We want to clear more of the heavy wilderness for use as campsites etc.
  • We need 4 to 5 more 10 yard loads of crushed rock for lanes and parking areas!
  • A couple of retaining walls are needed to help control erosion and drainage
  • The refrigerator in the cabin, which was undoubtedly used to begin with, is starting to show signs of age, To accommodate large groups that are now using the facility we need two large refrigerators and have wiring to support them now.
  • We could use a few rakes, shovels of various types and other grounds maintenance hand tools.  We could use steady volunteer help with grounds keeping tasks.